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This policy is issued in compliance with Law 1581/2012 and Decree 1377/2013 and other regulations that modify or add to the personal data protection regime, and seeks that COMERCIALIZADORA PLAYA BONITA S.A.S, in its condition of responsibility for managing personal information, handles it in strict compliance with the aforementioned regulations, guaranteeing the information owners their rights.

It is important that our clients, vendors, employees and users have knowledge of this policy, and we invite you to read it in its entirety.


  1. For the purposes of this policy, the following definitions will have the following meaning according to the regulations:
  2. User: Individual whose personal information are the object of treatment.
  3. Treatment: Any operation or set of operations upon personal data, such as collection, storage, use, circulation and suppression.
  4. Authorization: Prior, express and informed consent from the Rights-holder to manage the data.
  5. Personal Information: Any information linked to or that could be associated with one or several identified or identifiable individuals.
  6. Person In Charge of Treatment: Individual or corporate, public or private person, which, on its own or in association with others, performs treatment of personal information on behalf of the person responsible for treatment.
  7. Person Responsible for Treatment: Individual or corporate, public or private person, which, on its own or in association with others, makes decisions regarding the database and/or information treatment.


  • Address: Cl 32E # 76-145
  • City: Medellín
  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: 3220249
  • Area in charge: Customer Service


This Policy comes into effect on February 5, 2016.


In the course of its corporate purpose, COMERCIALIZADORA PLAYA BONITA S.A.S., handles personal information on its employees, contractors, vendors, clients, and product users.

In development of the principles of finality or freedom, the collection of personal information by COMERCIALIZADORA PLAYA BONITA S.A.S. will be limited to the personal data that is pertinent and adequate for the purpose for which they are collected or required according to current regulations. Except for the cases expressly foreseen in the Law,no personal data can be collected without authorization from its Owner, and no information will be collected or stored on children and adolescents.

COMERCIALIZADORA PLAYA BONITA S.A.S., has the obligation to keep personal information that is the object of treatment confidential, and may only disseminate it with an express request from oversight and control entities and/or authorities that have the legal faculties to request it and at all times will allow knowing, updating, correcting or suppressing the Owner’s personal information according to Law 1481/2012, Article 8.

Information will be transferred, transmitted and destroyed in the manner permitted by the Law, and will be performed with the following specific purpose in each case:

  1. Treatment of personal information on employees and former employees:Used to comply with COMERCIALIZADORA PLAYA BONITA S.A.S. labor-related obligations, including payroll payments, payments and reports to the General Social Security System in the area of health, queries, petitions, requests, actions and claims made by the Information’s Owner or by its legal heirs, or by entities of the General Healthcare Social Security System the Owner is or has been affiliated with. The suppression of personal information does not apply to employees and former employees, in compliance with the legal and contractual labor regime.
  2. Treatment of the personal information of contractors that provide their services atCOMERCIALIZADORA PLAYA BONITA S.A.S. facilities: To allow COMERCIALIZADORA PLAYA BONITA S.A.S. to meet its contractual obligations, including the assignment and control of technological elements, materials, equipment, income identification, follow-up for long-term contractor obligations, assistance in the event of emergencies, attention for and responses to queries, petitions, requests, actions and claims made by the Information Owner or its legitimate heirs.
  3. Treatment of supplier personal information - individuals:Permits compliance with COMERCIALIZADORA PLAYA BONITA S.A.S. contractual obligations, including fee payment, payment reports, reports or interactions that it is obliged to make by law, attention for queries, petitions, requests, actions and claims made by the Information Owner or its legitimate heirs.
  4. Treatment of client personal information - individuals:The purpose of treatment of personal information belonging to clients that are individuals, is that COMERCIALIZADORA PLAYA BONITA S.A.S. can meet the contractual obligations under its responsibility, including invoicing, payment reports, or interactions it is obliged to perform by law or under internal policy, attention for queries, petitions, requests, actions and claims, made by the Information Owner or its legitimate heir.
  5. Product users:Treatment of this personal information allows COMERCIALIZADORA PLAYA BONITA S.A.S. to meet the product quality-related obligations under its responsibility, for effectively attending to consumer queries and claims, and as marketing and statistical information.


  1. The Owners of personal information have the following rights:
  2. To have knowledge of, update and rectify their personal information with the persons responsible for or in charge of its treatment. This right may be exercised, among others, in the event of partial, inexact, incomplete, fractured, or error-prone information, or of information the treatment of which is expressly forbidden or has not been authorized.
  3. To request proof of the authorization granted to the person responsible for treatment, except when expressly waived as a requirement for treatment, according to the contents of Law 1581/2012, Article 10.
  4. To be informed by the person responsible for or in charge of treatment, after a prior request, regarding the uses given to personal information.
  5. To submit complaints to the Superintendent of Industry and Trade regarding violations of this Policy and the rules regulating it.
  6. To revoke the authorization voluntarily and/or request suppression of the information when, during treatment, principles, rights and constitutional and legal guarantees are not being respected. Revocation and/or suppression will proceed when the Superintendent of Industry and Trade has determined that, during treatment, the person responsible or in charge has incurred in behaviors contrary to the Constitution and the Law.
  7. To freely access its personal information that has been subject to treatment.