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Transforming the ordinary into extraordinary

"Create fashion with the least environmental impact, favoring work with the community, and the environmental and social sustainability".

Our bathing suits are made with ECCO fibers, which come from raw materials of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles recycled by the community of our country (Colombia), which is obtained from the process of disintegrating each bottle again to convert it into a reusable material. The transformation of plastic in new clothes is possible because the PET containers are made with the same petroleum derivatives with which polyester is manufactured.

Thanks to a matter of social conscience, Cosita Linda is part of the transformation and care of the planet. In addition, our goal is not only to create a single piece, but also to generate employment and to preserve raw materials such as water and energy.

An important goal of this initiative is to benefit more than 50,000 families of recyclers in Colombia, preserving water by approximately 50% in the processes of dyeing, finishing and stamping, while saving energy up to 92%, besides reducing CO2 emissions by 72% only in the production of our fibers.

More than 1,500 million PET bottles contaminate Colombia each year when they reach rivers, beaches and fields or —in the best scenarios— landfills. We must be aware that a PET bottle takes more than 100 years to degrade. We must learn to respect and be aware of the waste; if we do that, we will contribute to the conservation of our unique planet.

It is essential that you start to reuse plastic bottles for other purposes. These represent a very high percentage of the millions of tons of plastic waste that each year go to landfills around the world and the sea. The fabrics made with plastic bottles are a very good way to reuse these bottles and prevent them from accumulating in dumps and oceans.

image of fabric process