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Africa Collection 2019

Africa, in your soils lies the history of humanity, where life is reborn and surrounds us with its charm. You are the mother, pure beauty; your womb nourishes and protects the fruit of a longing, of a true and human love. We are children of the earth and life is a gift, and we are born in the center of another great gift: nature.

Woman, earth, feminine wisdom, root, life... You are a creative force that bears the cultural and material heritage, life care, respect, coexistence, beauty and harmony. You are a symbol of fertility and transformation, regulating the physical and natural world and spreading your seed as a living legend.

Being a sacred woman means having a great dose of strength and conviction, to be a defender of life, recognizing the human species as part of a larger whole, giving room to love, paying attention to the details, the warmth and overcoming limits. It means to dance together within this network of energy, capable of transforming and regenerating life.

Africa as the mother of humanity, as the warrior and brave woman, as the goddess who created all existence, is the inspiration for this new collection that nourishes with its ancestral wealth, biodiversity, traditions and rituals, its magic and history.

This collection is the mystical rebirth of the feminine spirit; it favors transformation, knowledge and perfection of the Being and coexists in communion with the sacred rhythm of nature. It honors the woman evoking her creative, unifying power, courage and purity.

This collection dives in themes such as deities, flora as the archetype of the soul and example of the continuous regeneration of the universe, the ancestral wealth of clothing and ornamentation, the jungle and its richness as the root and cradle of life.

The secret language of flowers

The secret language of flowers


The flowers cradle a message; they are present in the rituals of all cultures as symbols of perfection and transformation. It is said that flowers are silent prayers of nature, representing the psychic plane of the plant kingdom. This symbolism goes beyond any aesthetic; all the elements —earth, water, air, fire and ether— are within flowers. These have also been associated with different deities during history; their flowering evokes the path of spiritual evolution, mother goddess, matter, universal substance.

For this part of the collection, we rescued the flowers as goddesses of human nature, symbol of mystical rebirth, perfection, heavenly love. Archetypes of the soul that with their openness to nature and light, express their innate wisdom, as cups, feeding and creating life.

The primitive expression of the earth and man

The primitive expression of the earth and man

Ancestral roots that arise from a wild land, as well as its variety of cultures and rituals as old as species. Rhythms and dances, artistic expressions with apparel rich in ornaments, color and dynamism.

This group of the collection highlights the native artistic tradition, the aesthetic demonstrations of the indigenous tribes of that diverse continent. Naturalist inspiration, figures and pieces inspired by animals and primitive nature.

All these manifestations are associated with their magical-religious rituals and different animalistic beliefs, inspired by human and animal fertility, death, spirituality and healing powers. We will highlight the symmetry, styling, mimesis, skins, plants, ethnic mosaics and a variety of pieces that fill the collection with details.