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Image Spirit of a goddess collection

The Spirit Of a Goddess

Flowers hold a message. They appear in the rites of all cultures as symbols of perfection, transformation. It is said that “Flowers are the silent prayers of nature” representing the psychic plane of the plant world. This symbolism goes beyond aesthetics; they gather together all elements: Earth, Water, Aire, Fire and Ether. Flowers have been associated with different deities throughout history. Their flowering evokes the path of spiritual evolution, the mother goddess, matter, the universal substance.

For this collection we have been inspired in the flowers as the goddess of human nature, a symbol of mystical rebirth, of perfection, of heavenly love, capable of transforming and regenerating life.

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Image Four Souls collection

Four Souls

A return to the source, to the essence and to life. Four beautiful souls that feed off the earth, the air, the water and the sun.

For this season, Cosita Linda is inspired by the glamour of the east and its mysticism. An elegant, feminine collection that reflects a state of fullness and freedom in every soul.

New silhouettes with rich color tones, transparent fabrics, golden reflections, crystals and embroidery manifest these states. A marvellous and spiritual journey where the soul is the memory of the road.

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