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Our company, Cosita Linda (Beautiful Thing), was inspired in 2006 by the dream of a young Colombian woman, a college graduation project for Natalia Gaviria. This future fashion designer would give life to her dream and create a brand that merges her Colombian roots and the sensual caribbean flavors of the Dominican Republic, a place she lived for some time.

It is on this carribean island paradise where we embark upon a 12 year journey filled with passion, Latin charm and sensuality inspired by the eternal love of Summer.

Cosita linda has positioned itself not just in the Caribbean islands but also in various Eurpoean countries and Central and South America. Cosita Linda is becoming a well known name in the international beachwear community and now is ready to be a highly competitive brand in the U.S. market.

Our garments are created as part of a unique collection, specifically developed to create trends with a style that mixes forms, fabrics, foundations, embroidery and graphics.

We offer a complete product line, hand made by a team of female artisans whom have learned their profesion from previous generations. Our artisans are focussed on providing the highest quality that reflects beauty, style and luxury. Cosita Linda will continue to employ local artisans who create hand made product versus machine made products.

We are inspired to create a new collection each season by studying international trends and specialized research performed by our creative team.

Cosita linda is internationally known for using of special materials, unusual and colorful combinations, with graphic content inspired by the handicrafts and cultures of the world. Our textures and bright colors evoke heavenly places, jungles, seas, deserts and fields.

We highlight the creativity and talent of our Colombian people and take it to the world.

We make an effort to grow and adapt each day within the dynamics of the marketplace, focusing on good commercial practices that ensure we offer a complete service to our customers.

Our greatest commitment centers on high quality and good service, hand-in-hand with our greatest resource: our employees.

We love what we do and we give our best to make it happen. We highlight our roots and the cultural legacy that came before us to expand beyond our borders. Each article is unique because it is made from our love for what we do: a memory, so we will never be forgotten.